Il Munaciello goes all over the city!

Finally we also left with home delivery!
from 16.00 to 23.00
with only telephone reservation to the number
081 - 5521144

The story of a name

"O Munaciello", which in Neapolitan literally means little monk, is one of the most famous and characteristic esoteric figures of the Neapolitan tradition.

It is a legendary ghost of the town’s folklore in the shadow of Vesuvius, represented as a deformed boy or a person of low stature, a sort of gnome, dressed in a habit and with silver buckles on his shoes. Even today we still wonder if this figure was invented by popular tales or if, instead, it really exists. His manifestations would be numerous: of sympathy, when he leaves coins and money hidden inside the houses, or makes small jokes that turn into numbers to play at the Lotto; of appreciation, when he touches the beautiful women, or in spite, when it conceals and breaks objects or blows into the ears of those who sleep.